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Drawing Tolio: Part 1

I drew Tolio this week during one of my Twitch streams, since we haven’t seen him in a while in Follower. Here’s the first part of the image being drawn.

Join me weekly for art streams of comic related (and not comic related!) art. My schedule, links, and more are on the streams page.

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Eldora in the Fall Forest

From the first of this week’s streaming sessions, it’s Eldora and Icy in the Fall Forest! You can watch the stream archive to see it get made in real time. (About an hour and a half.)

I’ll be streaming again on Thursday, October 1, at 1:30 PM eastern time. Please stop by and say hello! You can subscribe to my Twitch channel for notifications when I go live:

This wallpaper is available right now to $2+ Patrons on our Patreon! If you sign up for the Chio Club Newsletter, you may receive it as a future bonus.


Inktober 2019!

Inktober is an annual hashtag drawing event that takes place across social media, and is usually about finishing a drawing for every day in October. There is some debate about rules and what materials to use, but the general idea is to have fun and make a lot of stuff. We’re partway into October and I’m definitely not on track to finish a drawing for every day, but here’s what I’ve got so far!

I’ve been posting my drawings to Twitter and Instagram, and I’m hoping to get back on the wagon this week and finish a couple more.


Throwback Thursday: October Wallpaper

It’s a spooky throwback to Halloween 2016! Check out this stream archive of the making of one of the many, many wallpapers in the Patreon exclusive wallpaper collection! You can download this (and all the others) when you become a $2+ supporter of us on Patreon!


Video: Eldora Warmup

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