February 2023 News & Updates!

Hey hey comic readers and Chio aficionados of all sorts! It’s February, and that means it’s time for another news and updates post!

What’s Up?

To get straight to the point: I’ve been doing physical therapy for my hand and joint issues for the past few weeks, and according to the therapists I’ve been working with, there’s already been some improvement, which is a great sign. I’m working on strengthening the muscles around my joints so that everything is better supported, but that’s a bit of a process. That said, I’m still working more slowly than normal so as not to strain my joints. My current plan is to keep working on a buffer so I have some more flexible time between new Follower pages. Chio Club folks have been getting early looks at what I’ve been working on, so if that’s your thing, come join us!

What’s Next?

As it’s been lately, I’m slowly working on Follower book revisions and new Follower pages. This is mostly hindered by, of course, the problems I’m having with my hands, but again, I’m hopeful this will improve over the next few months. My main goal is getting that Follower buffer going, and I’m part of the way there. I don’t have a solid date for Follower’s return yet, but I’m optimistically guessing during this spring.

To help save my hands, I’ve been working on some less drawing-intense projects, including some video content. I’m not quite finished with the first, but it’s going to be a storytime type of video on the topic of what’s up with my hands, since I’ve learned some kind of interesting things in the process of figuring out what’s up with them. It’ll likely be up in a week or two, since I have a bunch of stream archive content queued up between now and then and I’d like to let that run out first. I’ve got a few ideas for other types of videos, too, but they’re a bit more labor intensive and will come out in due time. Meanwhile, if you want to be the first to know when the new content drops, subscribe to our Youtube channel and (as they say) don’t forget to hit that bell for notifications!!! I hate myself a little for typing that sentence, just so you know.

What’s New?

Get all our digital mini comics on itch.io for 50% off each, or $5 as a bundle, during Valentine’s week! Show us a little love and get some little comics!

Our Teepublic store will be up to 35% off
February 8 – 11 and February 22 – 26*

*Sale dates are not final and therefore subject to change.

Our Redbubble sticker shop will be up to 20% off
February 25 – 28*

*Sale dates are not final and therefore subject to change.

Community News

This month, I’m slowly getting back into streaming while I work on comic stuff! I am also going to work some gaming back in as well, but I’ve got to start slow. Right now my plan is to try and fit in one stream a week, and you can always find out the latest schedule by visiting my Twitch schedule page or the streaming page on Radiochio.com. My streams are pretty chill, so if you just want to drop in and talk comics, or even drop in and lurk while I draw, that’s all great. Watching my Twitch is an easy way to help the comic, because I do get paid for ad views. Subscribing helps out even more, and if you have Amazon Prime you get a free Twitch subscription each month to the channel of your choice! Not saying you have to use it on mine, but I’d surely be grateful if you did. *wink wink*

I’ve also heard that Twitch has loosened up some of their affiliate exclusivity rules, so I might be able to simultaneously stream to other platforms? I have to do a bit more research, but if you tend to watch streams on other sites like Picarto or Youtube, there’s a chance I’ll be coming there as well. Always gotta be looking for new ways to reach new readers!

And, as usual, our Discord is always open and welcoming new folks! It’s a little slow and quiet, but that’s not always a bad thing. Pop on in for comic updates, general chat, and potentially some new community events in the coming year!

Thanks For Reading

Once again, thank you so much for reading about our newest stuff, even if things are still a bit slow.

January 2023 News & Update

Hey folks! It’s 2023, we made it! We’re off and running into a new year once again, and we’ve got plans, kinda. 

What’s Up?

I always expect to get so much done at the end of the year, and without fail it is always a fool’s errand. I had hoped to get more new Follower pages done, but haven’t quite gotten there yet due to ongoing issues with my hand. The good news is, I was finally able to have it looked at, and it might be a long-term issue to deal with, but I’ll be doing physical therapy in the next few weeks which may start to help. Overall, I’m optimistic about the situation, just slightly disappointed in how long it’s taken to make progress. 

What’s Next?

My current plan is to continue working on a Follower buffer. I was hoping to get some work done during the holidays, since everything was closed and nobody could ask anything of me and there was a huge blizzard, so everything would be extra super closed! But unfortunately, our internet went out for 6 days during this period thanks to the blizzard, and so I couldn’t access my comic art files which I keep in an online cloud storage service. Frustrating! New pages will be up first on Patreon and Ko-Fi as I work on them. 

I am also planning on working on Follower edits, probably live on stream. This week has been exceptionally busy for me, but I’m hoping to get back into it starting next week. Follow me at twitch.tv/radiochio for schedules and updates!

What’s New?

Our Teepublic store will be up to 40% off

January 11-13, January 19 and January 25-29.*

*Sale dates are not final and therefore subject to change.

All our digital comics are on sale on itch.io for just a bit longer! 

Community News

Our Discord is always open for new members! Come and hang out, share your own art and creative projects, or propose some kind of community activity. Help our little community grow!

Thanks For Reading!

Thanks again for reading our latest news and updates. This was kind of a sparse one, but things should get more exciting in the months to come!

2022 in Review

It’s the end of yet another year, so as usual, it’s a good time to look back on everything that happened in 2022! I want to sincerely thank all of our supporters – whether you’re a member of the Chio Club, or just a regular reader of our comics, it means a lot. Delade and I couldn’t do what we do without you all. 

So… let’s get into it!

A challenger approaches (it’s 2022, that was the challenger)

2022 presented a lot of challenges and difficulties for us. I spent a lot of the year assisting a family member with an ongoing medical issue – running with them to appointments and so on – which sapped a lot of my time and energy. Still, I did my best to keep up with pages until I just couldn’t. In February I injured the thumb on my drawing hand, and it’s been a persistent issue ever since. This has taken quite some time to deal with properly, but recently I’ve been able to buy a splint that allows me to work carefully, without further injuring myself. I’ve got some specialist appointments lined up for the very end of the year, and I’m looking forward to hopefully getting some answers and squaring away this particular problem so I can get back to normal comic updates. 

Life in general has been pretty challenging as well. We were illegally evicted from our apartment in 2021 (which is an entire terrifying story all on its own) and while we’re in a safe and relatively stable place now, it’s going to take time to get back to a true state of “normal.” That said, I want to express how much the Chio Club supporters really helped keep Follower and our other projects online this year, as well as helped keep us fed on a few occasions. I can’t truly convey how grateful we are for this. It’s been a rough year, and that’s something that has really helped.

On to more positive news!

Becoming a Brave Chio

This year, I wanted to try and do more to cultivate the reader community around Follower. I’ve been in an introverted shell for a while, and it seemed like a good time to try and break out of it a little bit. I put some work into improving the Radio Chio Discord, and have seen a little bit of success. This is obviously something that is going to be an ongoing process, but if you’re a reader of our comics and want a friendly place to hang out online, you should come join us! I’d like to try and come up with more community events for 2023, but I definitely appreciate any input from folks in the community. Anyone can join us on Discord, but there is an extra channel just for Chio Club members, too!

One of the other things I’ve been trying out this year is doing more streaming, both of comic and art work as well as games. It’s been an interesting experiment! I was able to make the requirements to be a Twitch Affiliate, which means I can actually get paid when folks drop in to watch streams, and is another means to help keep our comics going. I’ve had to slow down a little bit in the past couple of months due to my hand injury, but I’m trying to fit in what I can!

You can join me on Twitch to hang out while I draw or play a game, and if you follow me there, you can get notifications for when I go live. If you just hang out while I’m on, I do get paid via ads that are shown during the stream, so it’s also an easy way to help support my comics. You can also subscribe to my channel to get fancy badges and Chio emotes!

Along with streaming, I’ve been experimenting with creating more video content this year for various formats. I put some more effort into making short Follower-related videos for Tiktok, and was pleasantly surprised by the response! I somehow posted one of the most-viewed things I’ve ever made on the internet when Dia’s story went kind of micro-viral, so that was pretty exciting.

In addition, I’ve been adding more content to our YouTube page, including previous stream archives, comic art time lapses, and more. I have more ideas about making some more “how to” style videos and some story time type chatty videos, but those will likely be coming in the new year. These are things I can probably produce pretty quickly while I’m making other things, since that’s what they’re about, so I hope you’ll look forward to that! You can find us on YouTube here. 

Social media has seemed pretty tumultuous in the past few months, so I’m doing a few things with our content to help smooth that out. First of all, most of our major content will originate here on Radiochio.com (or on its own comic site, like follower.messenger-comic.com) first, and will trickle down to other platforms afterward. So if you follow us on social sites for updates, you probably won’t notice a big difference, but it’ll be helpful if or when any particular social platform drops off the face of the planet. You know, apropos of nothing. 

Additionally, I’m combining our monthly newsletter with the monthly update post I put out for Chio Club members on Patreon and Ko-Fi. It’ll be free to view here, there, or in your email. This is mostly because a lot of content got duplicated between these two, and it makes more sense to keep it together. Plus, this means that you can also follow us on Patreon or Ko-Fi for free to continue to get news and updates. Regular Chio Club content will remain a paid reward for subscribers, though. 

Join the Chio Club:

Last thing on this topic: I made a handy links page that points to every place you can find us online. I’ve been experimenting more with alternative social platforms, and it’s been kind of refreshing. Check it out and see what you might have missed!

On to comic news!

Comic news (the good stuff)

The biggest comic news we have for 2022: Follower won DrunkDuck’s 2022 Best Anthropomorphic Comic! This was a total surprise, and we’re really honored to have been recognized! Thank you so much to folks who nominated or voted for us. 

Follower became available on Globalcomix, a relatively new comics site that’s really great for both creators and readers. Currently, most of the comic is available to read for free there, just as it is on the main site, and 3 issues with bonus content are available for purchase. More content will be coming in 2023, and the existing issues will get updated art, since that’s an ongoing project.

Throughout the year, I’ve been working on retouching and resizing older Follower pages so I can do two things: publish Volume One of Follower, and release our newly redesigned website to the public. Chio Club members can currently check out an early version of the site, but it won’t be complete without the retouched pages. The edits for Volume One primarily depend on making art fixes to chapters one and two, and text updates to the rest of the comic for readability and consistency. This has been a slower progress than I hoped due to my hand injury, but I’m getting there!

Follower remains on a hiatus for now. I’m hoping to get a small buffer of about 5 pages (or more) ready to go before I start updating normally again. Chio Club members have been getting early looks at new pages as I’ve been working through them.

Messenger has been more neglected than I’ve hoped for this year. I have a stack of half-finished pages waiting to be finished. I am not sure where this will fit into the schedule, but I’m really, really hoping to get to them in 2023. I’m as frustrated as anyone by how long it’s taken to get these updates made, but life has been wild, as you’ve seen.

Thank you for reading

So that’s where things stand around here. Again, I want to express how thankful we are for all our readers and supporters. We really wouldn’t be able to keep up a lot of what we do without you all. You keep us going, sometimes literally, and it means the world to both of us. 

Here’s to a better, brighter, and stronger 2023!

December 2022 News & Updates

Well, well, it’s the end of yet another year, and time for this month’s news post! November got kind of wild in terms of schedule, so I didn’t manage to get a proper Chio Club news post out before the end of the month. Hopefully this month’s will make up for it!

What’s new?

Social media: what can I say, ugh? That’s been complicated lately. While I’m not really pulling my presence from anywhere you might find me online, I am planning to try and use radiochio.com as more of a central hub for all of our posts – comics, news, updates, and so on. I’m personally tired as a creator of trying to beat algorithms, having to find ways to post everywhere at once, it’s a never-ending challenge. So, I’m going to bring all our content back to originating on our own website first, and then spreading out to other social sites second. It’s not a big change overall, if you primarily follow our content through social media, you won’t notice much. But in general, this will future-proof a lot of our content, so that it isn’t a big deal to try and get things backed up and imported after a popular platform goes kaput, and it’ll be easier to point people to one main place where you can find everything that Delade and I make. 

Speaking of which: we have a quick links page which lists off everywhere you can find us online, in a format that’s friendlier for phones and whatever devices. You can find that at https://www.radiochio.com/quick-links/

Related to the above: we’ve also decided to roll together these Chio Club updates and the monthly newsletter, since they duplicate so much of the same content. From here out, these monthly updates will be public on Patreon and Ko-Fi so that everyone can follow what’s new with us, and simplify a little bit of the process. Paid content will remain paid as it always has been, but if you’d like you can follow us for free on either platform as another place to keep track of us in a world of social media uncertainty. You’ll get updates just like this one. I am not sure yet how we are changing the monthly newsletter download reward, but that might become a one-time download code. It’s challenging to keep up with a new freebie every month when I’m already doing my best to make quite a lot of other free content as well, but that’ll be in the next update in January. 

After what felt like one million years of difficulty drawing due to pain in my hands, I am in the process of easing back into it now that I have a splint for my drawing hand, which is making everyday tasks much more doable and pain-free. I am still in the process of working on Follower updates, and will start publishing them publicly when I have a small buffer going. Right now I have about a page and a half completed, though I’m hoping to get to about 5 full pages before I start making posts again. In general: things are going slow, but well!

Community News

With everything going on social-media wise, a good place to keep up with what we’re up to, and meet other readers, is through our Discord channel! Everyone is welcome to join, although there are special channels just for Patreon and Ko-Fi supporters. We hope to see you there!

November was kind of a bust for streaming nights, but I’m hoping to get back to it during December. I’m not certain of the schedule yet, but give me a follow on Twitch (or join the Discord) to get updates.  

Upcoming Sales

Everything in our Teepublic shop will be up to 35% off from December 1-16. (Sale dates are not final and therefore subject to change.)

All of our digital comics are currently on sale through our itch.io shop. All downloads are 50% off, or you can buy the entire collection as a bundle for $15!

You can also find stickers, and other merch featuring our characters and art on the shop page! Sale dates for these items are variable but pretty common, so you may want to check out these sites through the month.

Thank you

Thank you so much for reading our comics, enjoying our work, and supporting our projects over the past year. Delade and I have had a somewhat difficult year personally, and it means a lot to know that there are folks out there who appreciate what we do. We’re really grateful to have you around, and we’re hoping to make 2023 a lot more exciting!

July Community Event: Follower Meme-Off!

It’s almost July, and that’s when Follower’s ninth anniversary is! In celebration of this, we’re holding a Follower Meme-Off Challenge in the Discord! Make your own memes based on anything in the comic and submit them in the thread on the server by July 24, which (not coincidentally) is Follower’s ninth anniversary! 

You can make and submit as many memes as you’d like. You can vote for as many memes as you’d like. The meme that gets the most votes wins, and the winning creator gets to request a new emote for the server which I will create! 


  • Must be SFW (swearing is ok, because there’s swearing in the comic)
  • You can use any art from the comic, or Bug’s art, or draw your own
  • Post it to the thread on the server in the events channel
    • By posting, you’re agreeing to give other people permission to use your meme, and Bug & Delade permission to use it on the Follower site and related social media.
    • Include whatever name you’d like to be credited as, or none if you don’t want to be credited for some reason.
  • Vote for memes by adding the star reaction. (You can add any other reactions you want too, but the star is what will count as a point towards winning.)
    • You can vote as many times as you want, and you can vote for your own submission.
  • If you need tools or help in making graphics, canva.com is free and easy to use. There is also https://www.kapwing.com/meme-makerPhotopea.com is a free, in-browser photoshop clone.

May the best meme win!

For Your Consideration: Follower at the Duck Webcomics Awards

Hey readers! The nominations are open for the 2022 Drunk Duck Awards. Follower is eligible for these categories. I can’t nominate myself, but if you make a free DD account, you can! We will need at least a couple of nominations to make it into the running! 

Drunk Duck is a well-established webcomics platform with a long history and a great community. Follower updates there as a mirror, and so can be included as part of the awards this year!

Here are the main categories you can nominate us for!

  • Best Sci-Fi Comic
  • Best Anthropomorphic Comic
  • Best Plot Development
  • Best Protagonist (Dia)

You can also nominate other comics on the DrunkDuck platform! It would be super helpful to even make it into the running, since it helps boost our visibility! Thanks so much for reading!

Follower is now on GlobalComix

Good news, everybody! Follower is now available on GlobalComix! For now, Chapter 1 is free and ready to read, and the rest of the series will be added soon.

You can also help support the comic by supporting us directly through GlobalComix! You’ll get access to newly finished pages as they’re added, once the rest of the backlog has been added to the site.

Friday Night Doodle Zone: Giveaway Edition

I’m doing another round of the Friday Night Doodle Zone on 4/29 this week! In the last 30 minutes of the stream, I’ll be doing a giveaway for a free sketch to folks who were active in the stream chat via a random draw based on stream activity. In future Doodle Zone giveaways, regular viewers and followers will be twice as likely to win the giveaway!

The Friday Night Doodle Zone is my Friday night stream where I doodle, and you can pay any amount you want for a drawing done live on stream! The more you put in, the longer I’ll spend and the more detailed your drawing request will be!

Here are some examples of previous Friday Night Doodle Zone art!

To see the terms and conditions for Doodle Zone streams, check out my commissions page. (It’s just fairly basic terms about what the art you get can be used for, and what I’m willing to draw on stream.

I hope to see you there, whether you’re requesting a drawing or just hanging out in the chat! It’s going to be a fun time!

Follow me on Twitch to get notified anytime I’m streaming!

Stream Schedule (4/25-4/29)

I’m streaming again this week! Here are the dates and times!

MONDAY 4/25: 8:30 PM EST / 7:30 CST / 5:30 PST

Working on new Follower pages and other art! Get a peek at the next comic page before it’s live!

WEDNESDAY 4/27: 8:30 PM EST / 7:30 CST / 5:30 PST

Playing even more Caves of Qud (or potentially another game if the glitches I’ve been having persist…)

FRIDAY 4/29: 8:30 PM EST / 7:30 CST / 5:30 PST

The Friday Night Doodle Zone! This is a pay-what-you-want art request stream! The more you pay, the longer I will spend on your request art and the more detailed it will be! This is extremely fun and can get silly, so come along even if you’re just there to watch!