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Friday Night Doodle Zone: Giveaway Edition

I’m doing another round of the Friday Night Doodle Zone on 4/29 this week! In the last 30 minutes of the stream, I’ll be doing a giveaway for a free sketch to folks who were active in the stream chat via a random draw based on stream activity. In future Doodle Zone giveaways, regular viewers and followers will be twice as likely to win the giveaway!

The Friday Night Doodle Zone is my Friday night stream where I doodle, and you can pay any amount you want for a drawing done live on stream! The more you put in, the longer I’ll spend and the more detailed your drawing request will be!

Here are some examples of previous Friday Night Doodle Zone art!

To see the terms and conditions for Doodle Zone streams, check out my commissions page. (It’s just fairly basic terms about what the art you get can be used for, and what I’m willing to draw on stream.

I hope to see you there, whether you’re requesting a drawing or just hanging out in the chat! It’s going to be a fun time!

Follow me on Twitch to get notified anytime I’m streaming!

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Stream Schedule (4/25-4/29)

I’m streaming again this week! Here are the dates and times!

MONDAY 4/25: 8:30 PM EST / 7:30 CST / 5:30 PST

Working on new Follower pages and other art! Get a peek at the next comic page before it’s live!

WEDNESDAY 4/27: 8:30 PM EST / 7:30 CST / 5:30 PST

Playing even more Caves of Qud (or potentially another game if the glitches I’ve been having persist…)

FRIDAY 4/29: 8:30 PM EST / 7:30 CST / 5:30 PST

The Friday Night Doodle Zone! This is a pay-what-you-want art request stream! The more you pay, the longer I will spend on your request art and the more detailed it will be! This is extremely fun and can get silly, so come along even if you’re just there to watch!

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Return of the Friday Night Doodle Zone!

This Friday (4/22/22 – 8:30 PM EDT) I’m once again opening up a portal to the Friday Night Doodle Zone, and you can join me! Follow me on Twitch to come along for the ride while I take pay-what-you-want drawing requests from anyone watching. It’s going to be chill, silly, and lots of fun. You can even be a Pokemon as a member of the chat!

I’m also streaming tomorrow night (4/21/22) and I’m going to be playing Caves of Qud! I just started a new character, Mehla, a watervine farmer with dreams of learning every recipe in the wild apocalyptic world of Qud.

Follow me on Twitch to get notifications when I’m live! I can’t wait to see you there!!

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How I Color Comics

I made a video about how I color comics! Someone asked about this a while ago, and while I lost the original question, I did take the time to record some clips while I worked on the latest Follower page.

Here’s the transcript of this video:

Hey, I’m Bug and I’ve been making webcomics since 2004! Let me share my knowledge with you!

When I’m coloring a comic, my goal is to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, so I’ve found a lot of useful tricks to speed up the process. This is a basic version of how I color.

I color in Clip Studio Paint, but most of these tricks will work in any drawing software. 

First, I take my lineart and set it as a reference layer using the little lighthouse button in the layers panel. That means I can color under it, and the fill bucket will act like the lines are on the same layer. 

Under the fill bucket’s tool properties window, make sure that “refer multiple” is also checked and set to the lighthouse icon. Play around with the other settings to get a fill style that you like, but here’s what my settings look like.

Now I can use the custom color palette I made for my comic and quickly zip around to fill everything in the panel. Flat colors: done!

Next, I make a new layer above my flat colors. Set this to multiply. Click the icon on the far left of the layers tab that looks like two squares. This will make the multiply layer “clip” to the layer below, so you can only paint where there’s already color. 

This is going to be my shading layer. It’s kind of cheating, but I usually pick a shadow color that’s opposite my light color on the color wheel. If that doesn’t look right, I cheat some more and pick something that looks “right.” I use the lasso tool to quickly fill big sections of shadow. The lasso works in combination with the ink layer, so it won’t fill past the lines! Then I use a pen to color in smaller detailed areas of shadow.

Next, make a new layer the same way you made the multiply layer, but instead set the blending mode to overlay, screen, or glow dodge, depending on the effect you want. Pick the color of your light and paint in your highlights.

You can keep adding more layers this way to refine your highlights and shadows, but that’s the simplest version of what I do!

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Friday Night Doodle Zone!

We spent most of this evening with our cat, Milo, at the emergency vet. He was in a lot of pain and having what seemed to be a urinary blockage. Ouch. Double ouch happened when we got the bill, but our boy is worth it.

To help defray some of the costs of this evening’s excitement, Bug will be doing a Friday Night Doodle Zone stream on Twitch, with pay-what-you-want doodles going on from 6 to 8 PM eastern time! The end result for your doodle request depends on how much you chip in, so this could be either awesome or hilarious! Come join in!

If you can’t make the stream but still want to help, you can chip in to our Ko-Fi and you’ll get a thank you doodle in return.

Here’s the good boy in question, snuggling deep into a fluffy blanket. We’d take a current picture, but he’s pretty drugged up and that might be undignified. We’re just glad he’s going to be okay. <3
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Streams this week! (Nov. 9, 2020)

I’m streaming three times this week! Join me on Twitch, Picarto, or Patreon while I get to work on some reference drawings for Follower, or thumbnails for the upcoming chapter on Patreon!

Full schedule on the Streaming page!

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Drawing Tolio: Part 1

I drew Tolio this week during one of my Twitch streams, since we haven’t seen him in a while in Follower. Here’s the first part of the image being drawn.

Join me weekly for art streams of comic related (and not comic related!) art. My schedule, links, and more are on the streams page.


Video: Eldora Warmup

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