Sketchblog: This quest is a trap

I started playing Caves of Qud and now that I’ve gotten the hang of it kinda, here’s my current character, Kirashur. They’re a humanoid mutant scholar with the ability to manipulate light and ice hands! Oh, and horns. Which got cracked in a fight with a croc. I imagine this will only get more fun as the mutations pile on, so I’ll do an update if I survive that long, haha.

Sketchblog: Pokemon Challenge – Electric Type

Pokemon 27-Day Challenge: Feb. 7th — Let’s talk about Pokémon types. What is your favorite type? Top 5 Pokémon from that typing? What is that one type of Pokémon you can’t stand (least favorite) and why?

My favorite type is Electric! I think there are a lot of really cool Electric Pokemon, and I think the idea of a little monster/animal/thing being able to have electric abilities is such a neat concept. My favorite Electrics are Pikachu (sorry!), Raichu, Dedenne, Pachirisu, and Joltik. Admittedly this list is basically based on cuteness, but Dedenne is legitimately quite useful if you set it up correctly! 

My least favorite is probably Ground type (and I just realized the irony here) but my problem with them is that I can never remember quickly whether a Pokemon is from Rock or Ground, and by that time it’s usually too late. I have the same issues with Ghost and Dark types, too. Ugh. 

Sketchblog: Pokemon Challenge – Legendaries

Pokemon 27-Day Challenge: Feb. 6th — Legendary day! What are your top 3 Legendary Pokémon designs and concepts? And ultimately, which one is your favorite legendary? Why?

My favorite legendary is Mew. Back in the day, it was basically impossible to get, and there were so many myths about how you could find it (pushing the truck, etc.) that it just made it seem even more legendary somehow. Plus, it’s a cute little magical cat. What’s not to love about that?

Following that, I really like Xerneas, Lugia, and lately I’ve taken a liking to Rayquaza for some reason. Xernias is really pretty, and I really like Fairy-types in general. I think they were a great introduction. I played Silver during Gen 3 so Lugia is my pick there; I like its colors and design. Rayquaza is kind of weird, but after playing the Delta Episode in ORAS I have a much better appreciation for it. I’ve also been playing competitively lately and have a Rayquaza on my team under the new 2016 rules. It’s fragile as heck, but it sure can hit hard!