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Streams this week! (Nov. 9, 2020)

I’m streaming three times this week! Join me on Twitch, Picarto, or Patreon while I get to work on some reference drawings for Follower, or thumbnails for the upcoming chapter on Patreon!

Full schedule on the Streaming page!

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Streams this week! (October 26)

This week’s Twitch streams will be at 2:30 PM eastern time on Tuesday, October 27, and Thursday, October 29! Both will take place on Twitch and Picarto.

On Wednesday, October 28, I’m doing a Patreon-only stream where I’ll be working on some upcoming development stuff for chapter seven of Follower. If you’re interested in seeing how I translate the script into thumbnails, you’ll want to drop in. This stream will take place on Patreon and a link will pop up for all actively pledged patrons.

For more information on upcoming livestreams, check out the Streams page.

See you there!


Streams this week! (October 19)

This week’s streams will be at 1:30 PM eastern time on Tuesday, October 20, and Thursday, October 22! Both will take place on Twitch and Picarto. See you there!

For more information on upcoming livestreams, check out the Streams page.

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October Streaming Schedule

I’m planning to do a bunch of art livestreams this month! This post will have the most up-to-date information on dates and times. You can join in on Twitch or Picarto. Patreon-only streams will happen on alternate Wednesdays on Patreon. Hope to see you there!