Radio Chio Does a Capitalism (It’s a Black Friday Week Sale)

It’s That One Week of the year again and we’ve decided to do some capitalism and make our boy Tom Nook proud. That means basically all of our merch is discounted pretty deeply through this week! 

All of our digital comics are on sale 11/22-11/30 on, ko-fi and Gumroad! Get your hands on something new with instant delivery!

Where to find our digital comics on sale

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Everywhere else we sell physical merch is having some kind of sale, but the discounts and dates vary by shop, so get all the details here!

Where to find our merch on sale


Apparel, home decor, tech cases, bags, outdoor and more

11/21 – 11/30 – Cyber Week: Up to 50% Off

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Tees, stickers, mugs, hoodies, phone cases and more

November 22-30 

Everything will be up to 35% off — that means $13 tees, $20 phone cases, $30 hoodies, and way more! 


Our favorite sticker shop! Get Follower and Messenger characters or original art on stickers, magnets, hats, even desk mats and backpacks!

November 26–30

Get 20–60% off sitewide with code CYBER5

We’re extra thankful for all our readers this year, so thank you yet again for reading this super long post! When you buy comics or merch from our shops, you directly support our ability to keep producing Follower and our other stories. From our family to yours, we hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving if you’re in the states, and just an excellent Thursday if you’re everywhere else! 💖

– Bug & Delade
Ask a Chio

Ask a Chio: Dia, you are alone in a room. There are no doors and only a single light illuminates the small space. There is a pedestal in the center of the room with a shiny red button on it. What do you do?

Maybe cinnamon flavored? Or peppermint?

Dia is a Chio from Follower! Her species also appears in Messenger.

Chio Club

Chio Club: New Chapter 3 Pages

New chapter 3 pages? Didn’t chapter 3 happen years ago? Well, technically, yeah, but last year I breezed through the chapter and made some improvements to the artwork for both print and PDF books! A lot of the work was color adjustments, but the pages have also been re-lettered and generally given better consistency.

View the new pages now on:

Right now, Chio Club members are getting new batches of these pages every Friday! They’ll eventually make their way to the regular site sometime in 2022, but they’re a major example of the kinds of work we’d like to accomplish on fixing up the website and pages via our latest Chio Club goal! If we can get to $100/month in Chio Club memberships, I can start doing this work for ALL of the Follower archive. We’re a third of the way there already!

As an example of what’s changed, take a look at this before and after:

To get more pages like this, and to help us reach our goal, become a member of the Chio Club!

Join the Chio Club on:

Comic Updates

Follower page 7.25 is up!

Follower updated this week! Page 7.25 is now up.

Read all the way to the end of Chapter 7 in advance when you join the Chio Club!

News Shop

Commissions: Now Open!

I’m now offering a limited number of commissions for a short time! If you’ve ever wanted artwork drawn by me, now’s your chance!

If you’re interested, check out my Ko-Fi page to claim a slot.

Chio Club

November 2021 Chio Club News

The November edition of the Chio Club News post has gone out to all subscribed members! Check your feed via Patreon, Ko-Fi, or Gumroad to read it!


Based on a true story (Deltarune)

A thing that happened while I was playing through Deltarune Chapter 2 with Delade. It can’t be helped. Susie’s face is the best face to make.

Deltarune belongs to Toby Fox, this is just silly fanart.

Ask a Chio

Ask a Chio: How powerful are 5 Chios taped together?

Well that got out of hand.

All 5 of these Chios are found (or will be found) in Messenger.

Chio Club News Patreon

Follower Chapter Seven is Finished! (here’s how to read it early)

Chapter Seven is now complete! You can read it early by becoming a member of the Chio Club. All you have to do is pledge the amount of your choice through one of the sites linked on our Support page (including Patreon, Ko-Fi, or Gumroad) and you’ll get instant early access to the next 6 pages of the comic. You’ll also get early access to Chapter Eight as we work on it! Chapter Eight will begin in early 2022. Follower will remain on a bi-weekly schedule for the remainder of Chapter Seven, with Sketch Wednesday happening in between. Anyone can vote for the next Sketch Wednesday art! 

As another option to read the ending of Chapter Seven early, you can also buy or rent access to the entire chapter through Dillyhub! This is a new option we are testing, and to help it succeed if you join our Discord this weekend (7/29-7/31) and are one of the first three people to ask nicely, I’ll send you a code worth 10 Dillyhub coins, or in other words, enough coins to access all of Chapter Seven!

Thank you for continuing to read and support our work. The past few months (and year, let’s be honest) have been exceptionally hard so I am extra proud to have finished this chapter. I hope you enjoy it, and all that’s to come!

Ask a Chio Uncategorized

Ask a Chio: How are young Chio educated?

Jacinto asks: How are young Chio educated?

The entire village takes responsibility for raising the children, so groups of Chio kids are taught by all of the adults in turn. That way more of the collective knowledge of the adults is passed down. As the young Chios get older, they begin to help the adults take on regular tasks and responsbilities.

Chios are from Messenger and Follower! This answer is a special Patreon reward!