Chio Chronicles – September 2023 Edition

What’s Up?

It’s September yet again and fall is in the air! Well, sort of. We just had another weekend of 90° F days here, so I’m not sure what season it is at the moment, really. Regardless: here’s what’s new this month from us!

What’s New?

Follower Update Status

As I’ve written about now on both Radio Chio and on the Follower site, I’ve been dealing with a number of complicated health issues over the past few months. Although I never declared a proper hiatus for Follower, it’s essentially been in that state all this time. At the moment, I do not have an exact date for its return to updates because my condition is really a day-to-day issue that I’m learning to deal with as I go. I have some upcoming appointments which should help provide more help and direction, and hopefully I can get back to drawing. The best place to watch for updates is, of course, here on the newsletter or on I’ll post an update when I know more! In the meantime, thanks for your patience and support!

Other News

What’s Next?

Although I’m not able to work on comics at my regular pace, I am still working on what I can. I’m planning to do some more things like more Tiny Art Vlogs as I’m doing what I’m able to, just to keep everyone aware that I’m still alive, ha. 

I’m also planning on doing more posts like my Books for Comic Artists blog post. Are there any art topics you’d like to see me write about? Or even any topics in general? Drop a comment on one of my posts and let me know!

I’ve been doing research for a more long-term project that kind of straddles the line between writing and comics. I’m not totally sure what the end product is going to look like yet. But it is a sort of graphic memoir/autobio thing based on a lot of what I’ve been through during the pandemic. My life has basically been flipped upside down during the past few years, and there’s a lot of story to tell. Once I have a little more of this put together I’ll probably put it up for Chio Club members first.

Community News

The Discord rambles on! Come join us for friendly conversation about comics, art, and whatever you want. I may have even successfully fixed the Question of the Day bot, which seems to spark the most conversation around these quiet parts.

Thanks for Reading!

That’s all I’ve got for this month! Thanks as usual for reading about what we’ve been up to and sticking with us despite the fact that I’ve been the world’s slowest artist lately. Hopefully this will change soon!

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Chio Chronicles – August 2023 Edition

What’s Up?

Hey folks! It’s definitely been a minute since I’ve made a proper newsletter, let alone a news post. It’s been a rough summer so far for me — I thought I was dealing pretty well with the health issues I’ve been having, but a series of coincidental problems coupled with the summer heat have really knocked me flat. I summoned the energy to make a goofy little doodle comic about it, which you can check out here if you like. It might turn into an ongoing series, because sometimes all I can do is laugh at the situation.

I am (as usual) doing my best to get back on track with things like Follower updates, but it’s been difficult. A major part of my problem is joint issues, which can vary wildly from day to day, so sometimes drawing is rough. I’ve been trying to at least put my creative energy into other projects when I can’t draw, like some Tiny Art Vlogs from time to time. You can view those on my Youtube channel here!

Mostly, I am trying to figure out how to work with a body that’s kind of unreliable, when I’m trying to do something that requires a certain amount of regularity, like posting a comic update every week. I haven’t figured it out just yet, but I’m doing my best. I may need to eventually move to a monthly update of a few pages at a time rather than work under the pressure of weekly updates, but I haven’t decided that for sure just yet. 

Anyway, on to the news!

What’s New?

What’s Next?

Here’s what I’ve got on the table for upcoming projects, roughly in order of priority:

  • Follower updates! I can’t believe it’s been as long as it has since my last update. I’ve been slowly working at the next pages while doing my best not to overdo it with my hands. It’s a difficult balance.
  • Follower Volume 1: I’ve made it into edits for chapter 2, and I’m finishing off the last few drawn revisions for chapter one. Those’ll get posted for Chio Club folks first. Once I get through chapter 2, things will move a lot faster on this project.

Community News

There hasn’t been much new lately in the community, but the Discord is always open and new folks are always welcome! It’s a slow-paced, quiet chat, but we keep it friendly. Click here to join!

Thanks For Reading!

Thanks so much for checking out the latest news from us this month! Here’s hoping the next one will be more comic-heavy. 🤞

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Chio Chronicles May 2023 Edition

What’s Up?

Hey Chio Crew! We’re nearly halfway through 2023 already! How?! I guess it goes faster when you’re struggling to be able to update your own webcomic, but that’s changing soon!

What’s New?

Follower starts again this week! It’s been a long hiatus with my ongoing health issues, but I’m going to do my best to keep on schedule! I can’t promise that I won’t occasionally have to take breaks now and again, but I’m at least hopeful I’ll be able to maintain a small buffer. 

If you’ve ever wanted to be part of Follower, like, so much that you’re in the comic – now’s your chance! Our Create a Chio project is open once again for takers on both Patreon and via Ko-Fi commissions. For $50, I’ll work with you to design your very own Chio character. You’ll get a custom character sheet with color references and information. This character will appear on at least one page of the comic as a side character. I’ve also added an extra upgrade option that will put your custom character on 3 pages of the comic, with the potential for a line of dialogue, too. Since I’m working on pages right now that feature a bunch of background Chios, the sooner you commission me, the sooner your character will appear in the comic!

What’s Next?

April had no takers for the Chio Club Sticker Tier, so I’ll be leaving it up with the same design for May. If it stays this way, I will probably end it and move on to other ideas. That said, if you’re interested, please check out our Patreon and Ko-Fi pages to join!

I’m still dealing with health issues and my schedule is pretty much a wreck week to week, so I haven’t been able to make a solid streaming schedule yet. I’d like to get back to streaming work on book pages, since I was making some decent progress there. As usual, follow me on Twitch to get updates on that. 

Community News

Join us on Discord to get the latest comic updates and engage with other readers! The Discord is open to everyone, with special areas for Chio Club supporters. 

Thanks For Reading

Thank you (yet again) for sticking with us despite this long comic hiatus! Here’s to more new pages!

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