December 2022 News & Updates

Well, well, it’s the end of yet another year, and time for this month’s news post! November got kind of wild in terms of schedule, so I didn’t manage to get a proper Chio Club news post out before the end of the month. Hopefully this month’s will make up for it!

What’s new?

Social media: what can I say, ugh? That’s been complicated lately. While I’m not really pulling my presence from anywhere you might find me online, I am planning to try and use as more of a central hub for all of our posts – comics, news, updates, and so on. I’m personally tired as a creator of trying to beat algorithms, having to find ways to post everywhere at once, it’s a never-ending challenge. So, I’m going to bring all our content back to originating on our own website first, and then spreading out to other social sites second. It’s not a big change overall, if you primarily follow our content through social media, you won’t notice much. But in general, this will future-proof a lot of our content, so that it isn’t a big deal to try and get things backed up and imported after a popular platform goes kaput, and it’ll be easier to point people to one main place where you can find everything that Delade and I make. 

Speaking of which: we have a quick links page which lists off everywhere you can find us online, in a format that’s friendlier for phones and whatever devices. You can find that at

Related to the above: we’ve also decided to roll together these Chio Club updates and the monthly newsletter, since they duplicate so much of the same content. From here out, these monthly updates will be public on Patreon and Ko-Fi so that everyone can follow what’s new with us, and simplify a little bit of the process. Paid content will remain paid as it always has been, but if you’d like you can follow us for free on either platform as another place to keep track of us in a world of social media uncertainty. You’ll get updates just like this one. I am not sure yet how we are changing the monthly newsletter download reward, but that might become a one-time download code. It’s challenging to keep up with a new freebie every month when I’m already doing my best to make quite a lot of other free content as well, but that’ll be in the next update in January. 

After what felt like one million years of difficulty drawing due to pain in my hands, I am in the process of easing back into it now that I have a splint for my drawing hand, which is making everyday tasks much more doable and pain-free. I am still in the process of working on Follower updates, and will start publishing them publicly when I have a small buffer going. Right now I have about a page and a half completed, though I’m hoping to get to about 5 full pages before I start making posts again. In general: things are going slow, but well!

Community News

With everything going on social-media wise, a good place to keep up with what we’re up to, and meet other readers, is through our Discord channel! Everyone is welcome to join, although there are special channels just for Patreon and Ko-Fi supporters. We hope to see you there!

November was kind of a bust for streaming nights, but I’m hoping to get back to it during December. I’m not certain of the schedule yet, but give me a follow on Twitch (or join the Discord) to get updates.  

Upcoming Sales

Everything in our Teepublic shop will be up to 35% off from December 1-16. (Sale dates are not final and therefore subject to change.)

All of our digital comics are currently on sale through our shop. All downloads are 50% off, or you can buy the entire collection as a bundle for $15!

You can also find stickers, and other merch featuring our characters and art on the shop page! Sale dates for these items are variable but pretty common, so you may want to check out these sites through the month.

Thank you

Thank you so much for reading our comics, enjoying our work, and supporting our projects over the past year. Delade and I have had a somewhat difficult year personally, and it means a lot to know that there are folks out there who appreciate what we do. We’re really grateful to have you around, and we’re hoping to make 2023 a lot more exciting!

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