February 2023 News & Updates!

Hey hey comic readers and Chio aficionados of all sorts! It’s February, and that means it’s time for another news and updates post!

What’s Up?

To get straight to the point: I’ve been doing physical therapy for my hand and joint issues for the past few weeks, and according to the therapists I’ve been working with, there’s already been some improvement, which is a great sign. I’m working on strengthening the muscles around my joints so that everything is better supported, but that’s a bit of a process. That said, I’m still working more slowly than normal so as not to strain my joints. My current plan is to keep working on a buffer so I have some more flexible time between new Follower pages. Chio Club folks have been getting early looks at what I’ve been working on, so if that’s your thing, come join us!

What’s Next?

As it’s been lately, I’m slowly working on Follower book revisions and new Follower pages. This is mostly hindered by, of course, the problems I’m having with my hands, but again, I’m hopeful this will improve over the next few months. My main goal is getting that Follower buffer going, and I’m part of the way there. I don’t have a solid date for Follower’s return yet, but I’m optimistically guessing during this spring.

To help save my hands, I’ve been working on some less drawing-intense projects, including some video content. I’m not quite finished with the first, but it’s going to be a storytime type of video on the topic of what’s up with my hands, since I’ve learned some kind of interesting things in the process of figuring out what’s up with them. It’ll likely be up in a week or two, since I have a bunch of stream archive content queued up between now and then and I’d like to let that run out first. I’ve got a few ideas for other types of videos, too, but they’re a bit more labor intensive and will come out in due time. Meanwhile, if you want to be the first to know when the new content drops, subscribe to our Youtube channel and (as they say) don’t forget to hit that bell for notifications!!! I hate myself a little for typing that sentence, just so you know.

What’s New?

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Community News

This month, I’m slowly getting back into streaming while I work on comic stuff! I am also going to work some gaming back in as well, but I’ve got to start slow. Right now my plan is to try and fit in one stream a week, and you can always find out the latest schedule by visiting my Twitch schedule page or the streaming page on Radiochio.com. My streams are pretty chill, so if you just want to drop in and talk comics, or even drop in and lurk while I draw, that’s all great. Watching my Twitch is an easy way to help the comic, because I do get paid for ad views. Subscribing helps out even more, and if you have Amazon Prime you get a free Twitch subscription each month to the channel of your choice! Not saying you have to use it on mine, but I’d surely be grateful if you did. *wink wink*

I’ve also heard that Twitch has loosened up some of their affiliate exclusivity rules, so I might be able to simultaneously stream to other platforms? I have to do a bit more research, but if you tend to watch streams on other sites like Picarto or Youtube, there’s a chance I’ll be coming there as well. Always gotta be looking for new ways to reach new readers!

And, as usual, our Discord is always open and welcoming new folks! It’s a little slow and quiet, but that’s not always a bad thing. Pop on in for comic updates, general chat, and potentially some new community events in the coming year!

Thanks For Reading

Once again, thank you so much for reading about our newest stuff, even if things are still a bit slow.

January 2023 News & Update

Hey folks! It’s 2023, we made it! We’re off and running into a new year once again, and we’ve got plans, kinda. 

What’s Up?

I always expect to get so much done at the end of the year, and without fail it is always a fool’s errand. I had hoped to get more new Follower pages done, but haven’t quite gotten there yet due to ongoing issues with my hand. The good news is, I was finally able to have it looked at, and it might be a long-term issue to deal with, but I’ll be doing physical therapy in the next few weeks which may start to help. Overall, I’m optimistic about the situation, just slightly disappointed in how long it’s taken to make progress. 

What’s Next?

My current plan is to continue working on a Follower buffer. I was hoping to get some work done during the holidays, since everything was closed and nobody could ask anything of me and there was a huge blizzard, so everything would be extra super closed! But unfortunately, our internet went out for 6 days during this period thanks to the blizzard, and so I couldn’t access my comic art files which I keep in an online cloud storage service. Frustrating! New pages will be up first on Patreon and Ko-Fi as I work on them. 

I am also planning on working on Follower edits, probably live on stream. This week has been exceptionally busy for me, but I’m hoping to get back into it starting next week. Follow me at twitch.tv/radiochio for schedules and updates!

What’s New?

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Community News

Our Discord is always open for new members! Come and hang out, share your own art and creative projects, or propose some kind of community activity. Help our little community grow!

Thanks For Reading!

Thanks again for reading our latest news and updates. This was kind of a sparse one, but things should get more exciting in the months to come!

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