Press and Mentions


Canvas Support Squad Feature: March 2022

Featured on Canvas Support Squad

Award: Best Anthropomorphic Comic (Follower): October 2022

Drunk Duck Awards


Ink, Sweat & Tears: March 2021

Follower featured on Ink, Sweat & Tears

The Duck Webcomics Feature: September 2021

Follower featured on The Duck Webcomics


Best Webcomics: March 16, 2016
Best WebComics Interview: Follower

Female Creators Project: June 1, 2016
Female Creators Project: Bugbyte of Radio Chio


Pretty Cool Webcomics: March 8, 2015
Pretty Cool Webcomics: Follower

Your Webcomics!: March 22, 2015
Creator Spotlight Series: Bugbyte

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