Stream Schedule! (7/18-7/22)

Based on feedback in a couple of polls I ran during last week, I’m adjusting stream start times a little bit this week! Instead of starting at 8:30 PM eastern, streams will now start at 4 pm eastern time. Check the schedule on my Twitch page to see what that is in your local time! I’m hoping this helps make things more accessible for more people!

Here’s what’s on deck this week:

All streams start at 4 pm eastern time this week!

MONDAY 7/18: Working on Follower first half; probably Stardew Valley second half!

WEDNESDAY 7/20: Caves of Qud continues!

FRIDAY 7/22: More Art Fight attacks and taking requests for Twitch bits!

Times are subject to change: check the schedule on Twitch for the latest times!

Hope to catch you at one of these upcoming streams!

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