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Ask a Chio: So a chio in a labcoat and a human in a hospital gown walk into a top secret army base. What happens?

Ah, role reversal.

Chios are from the comics Messenger and Follower!

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Follower page 7.14 is now up



I wonder what that dude is up to now?

He just loves rocks.


Creator Days on!

Hey hey! It’s Creator Day! All my comics are on sale for 50% off and I get to keep 100% of the profits! Thanks, itch! 

From itch:

From Midnight to 11:59pm PT on Friday May 14th we're not taking our usual portion of any sales made through the site and setting everyone's revenue share to 100% to the developer. This means that you'll earn 100% of each transactions after any payment processor fees. We hope to make this a regular event to give developers an excuse to share and promote their works


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Radio Chio at Virtual Canzine 2021!

From May 8-15 we’ll be exhibiting at a virtual table at Canzine as part of this year’s TCAF! Come check out what we’ve got on sale!

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Hope to see you around the virtual festival!

Ask a Chio

Ask a Chio: If a chio was dropped in the middle of modern day New York what would happen?

[running and screaming intensifies]

Chios are from Messenger and Follower.

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Ask a Chio: Do chio like hugs?


Just like people, some Chios prefer physical contact and others don’t. Geedey doesn’t always know what to make of Dia’s more socially interactive nature, but he’s pretty tolerant of her just the same.

Chios are from Messenger and Follower. Support our Patreon to keep the comics going!


Webcomics & RSS: Like ice cream and hot fudge

…or cake and frosting, or pizza and pepperoni. These things just go together. You get what I’m saying, right? Two good things combine to make one super great thing. I’m feeling passionate about RSS these days. It’s not as popular as it was back in the middle-ish 2000s, but it should be. RSS is to webcomics what cats are to the internet. They just go together. There’s probably an RSS feed of cats out there, somewhere. Anyway.

But what is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication – it’s basically a way for a website to create a feed of posts (or podcasts, or webcomics, or whatever) in a standardized format. Usually these will end in .rss or .xml. For example, the RSS feed for this site is located at and probably looks crazy to you unless you understand XML or look at it with an RSS reader or aggregator.

So let’s say you plug that URL into an RSS reader. What happens is basically this: your reader knocks on’s door and is like, “hey my guy, what’s new?” and is like, “sup my friend, check out these 3 new things I wrote,” and your reader is like “hey thanks, I’ll just put these in a nice neat envelope and tell my pals.”

In this example reader’s pals are, uh, you. The reader takes the stuff in the feed, neatens it up, and posts a little notification that there’s something new to read. Easy!

In this example using the feed from my comic Follower, you can see the list of recent posts in the middle with a single post view on the right. The reader I’m using is NetNewsWire, a free RSS reader for iOS and Mac.

Different readers, of course, have all kinds of different options. You can get notifications in different ways. It’s almost like reading an email delivered right from a website to you, so you know right away every time there’s something new to check out.

So what does this have to do with webcomics?

Plenty! Does it ever bug you that social media sites don’t show posts from your favorite creators in order, or sometimes not at all? RSS solves this problem by removing that social media middleman. You can get your content straight from your favorite creator, delivered right to your desktop, or phone, or whatever. You don’t have to worry about missing an update because RSS isn’t going to lie to you or hide the post or show it to you days later.

Most webcomics sites have RSS built in, especially if they’re using WordPress/Comicpress/Webcomic. You can check to see if adding “/rss” at the end of the URL brings up an RSS feed, or look around the website for an RSS icon. It’s the little thing that looks like this:

Sometimes this icon will be a different color, or might be stylized to match the site, but it’ll generally always look something like this.

Copy the RSS feed URL into your RSS reader, and boom. Now you’ve got instant comic updates that no one can goof around with. Everything in chronological order, all the time. Magic!

Adding an RSS feed to your reader will probably look something like this. It’s not very complicated.

What kind of reader should I use?

This comes down to personal preference. There are a ton of readers out there, not all of them are good, but many of them are free! Some are fancier than others. Experiment and see what fits your needs.

I am a Mac user and am currently enjoying NetNewsWire because it works on my phone and my computer, and it’s free. The design is basic but nice, and it does what I need. I’ve tried some other readers and they just didn’t click for me the way this one does. I also appreciate the authors’ philosophy on supporting the app, you can check that out here. 🙂 I don’t have any recommendations for Windows or other platforms because I don’t really use them, but there are undoubtedly good options if you do even a basic search.

I hope this little post gave you some information on using RSS, and maybe even encouraged you to download a reader and add your favorite webcomics to it! RSS may have fallen out of favor in the age of social media sites, but I think it’s time for a big comeback. Get in control of what you’re reading!

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Ask a Chio: Jacinto asks: What do Chio sleep on?

Jacinto asks: What do Chio sleep on?

Basically, anything comfortable they can get their hands on. Chios tend to scavenge the remains of human settlements and will bring back any type of cloth they can get, which is repurposed into tents, clothing, bedding, and other supplies. They’ll also gather any kind of softer plant material they can find, like tall grasses, and use them as a base for their sleeping area.

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