Stream Schedule! (7/11-7/15)

Hey there! Here’s the stream plan for this week! 

All streams start at 8:30 PM unless otherwise specified. Find out what that is in your local time by checking the schedule on my Twitch page!

MONDAY 7/11: Art and a game! What game? Haven’t decided yet.

WEDNESDAY 7/13: Caves of Qud: Laser turtle adventures continue!

FRIDAY 7/15: Working on some Art Fight attacks and taking drawing requests from viewers for Twitch Bits or via Ko-Fi!

Times are subject to change; the best place to watch for changes is on Twitch

Side note, tuning in while I’m streaming helps support my comics like Follower, since I’m a Twitch Affiliate now! You can also earn free Chio Coins by hanging out and interacting with the stream, which you can turn in for rewards!

Hope to see you at one of these upcoming streams!

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