VIDEO: Comic-editing tip – make a checklist spreadsheet!

I’m still working away on getting my webcomic put together for a print edition of volume one! Collecting everything together into a graphic novel is a lot of work, and can be complicated if you don’t stay organized. So that’s why I’m sharing one of my favorite organizational tips here – making a checklist spreadsheet! I’ve made a file with columns for each major fix I know needs doing from page to page, along with one for specific notes that don’t need to be changed on every page. I used conditional highlighting in Numbers on my Mac to make it easier to visualize how much work I’ve done versus what I have left, and even though I don’t use Excel or Google Sheets, I’m pretty sure you can do that with those apps, too.

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VIDEO: Editing Follower book pages

This is a short one, but I think I’m going to start making little art vlogs while I work on things sometimes. I’ve gotten back to work on updating and editing Follower pages for the eventual Volume One we have planned. This past year has been super difficult for me with my ongoing health issues, but I really want to make this book, so I’m doing what I can to get there!

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