Bug’s Toony Magic Brush Pack | Clip Studio Paint (iPad/Android, Mac/Win)


6 cartoony magic effects brushes for Clip Studio Paint!


6 fun brushes for Clip Studio Paint that create cartoony magic effects.

These fun brushes will add hand-drawn magical effects to your comics, illustrations, and other art! Each brush creates different special effects using Clip Studio’s powerful brush dynamics, like color shifting, automatic contrasting colors, and other cool effects.

This brush pack includes:

  • Bug’s Basic Sparkles (basic manga-style sparkle effect)
  • Bug’s Magic Brush (a magic brush that shifts colors as you add more strokes!)
  • Bug’s Sparkle Burst (try it along a curved or circle ruler – the sparkles align to the center of your drawn shape)
  • Bug Tunes 1 (contrasting music notes on a staff)
  • Bug Tunes 2 (monochromatic music notes on a staff)
  • Bug’s Cacophony (for when someone’s just a little off-key)
  • Tips & tricks PDF


These brushes require the latest version of Clip Studio Paint to work correctly. (Version 1.11.7 or higher.)

Works best with a pen tablet – either USB, or an iPad/Android screen tablet, as they are pressure sensitive. These brushes WILL NOT work with Photoshop, Procreate, or other software (but I might try and make those versions of them in the future if there’s interest).


Unzip the downloaded file. In the sub tool palette, choose the tiny 3 lines icon in the top left. Then, select “Import sub tool…” and navigate to the download. Choose the brushes you want to import. See the images below.


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  • This is a digital product. No physical product will be shipped.
  • Reselling or redistributing this brush pack is prohibited. You may NOT resell, copy, distribute, share them in any way.

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