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About Follower

Follower is a free to read long-running apocalyptic sci-fi webcomic created by Bug and Delade. It is a prequel webcomic to Messenger, but both stories are designed to be read individually. Described as “sci-fi action drama with hints of furry” by The Duck Webcomics, Follower is the story of an alternate present day leading to a dystopian reality told in fully colored, stylized comic artwork. If you enjoy the genetic experimentation conundrums of Jurassic Park, or twisting military storylines of Metal Gear Solid, you may enjoy Follower. Follower is intended for readers of teen and young adult fiction and up.

You’re Either With Us Or Against Us.

Loyalties are being decided at Cottontail Base and factions are forming. Colonel Harren decides to let his closest staff in on the project’s darkest secrets, while General Richart fortifies the strength of his inner circle. Caught in the middle are Geedey and Dia, still working out the unbelievable circumstances that forced them together. When the battle lines are drawn, who will rule over Project Cottontail, and what are the consequences for the rest of the world?

Bonus Comic: Home

A short bonus comic, Home, tells the story of Captain Bash after a long night of unsettling conversations with Colonel Harren and Dr. Calway. Bash is compelled to call his brother back home and make sure that all is well. But is it as well as it seems?

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