Streaming Schedule (6/13-6/17)

Stream schedule for this week is a bit different due to some life stuff going on! Note that Monday is as usual, Wednesday is sorta canceled? And Friday is what I would have been doing Wednesday. Phew! That’s a bunch.

I may or may not pop on at other times to do artwork kind of unplanned, but we’ll see how things go due to said life stuff happening!

Here’s the plan:

MONDAY 6/13: Art & some kind of game! We’ll see what I feel like playing. Could be Pokemon, could be Caves of Qud.

WEDNESDAY 6/15: No stream!

FRIDAY 6/17: Caves of Qud night!

I’m super duper close to making affiliate! It helps even if you just pop in and lurk for a while. Last week on stream I hit 100 followers, so I revealed what my first emote is going to be when I can finally do that: it’s Shocked Diachu! The perfect combination of ridiculousness, games, and comics.

Drop in during one of my streams to help me achieve affiliate status and Shocked Diachu will be available for everyone to use!

Hope to see you at the next stream!