Streaming Schedule (5/9-5/13)

I’m doing more streams again this week! There is a slight change to the usual with tonight’s stream: instead of just working on comic art, I’ll be doing that for the first hour and then switching over to Caves of Qud for the second hour!

The rest of the week remains basically the same.

I’m still working toward getting Twitch Affiliate so I can do even more cool things with streaming and art, so if you have time to drop in, I would appreciate the bump to my viewer average!

Find me on Twitch at!

All streams start at 8:30 PM Eastern time! You can check what that is in your local time on the schedule on my Twitch page.

Monday 5/9: Working on comic art THEN playing Caves of Qud!

Wednesday 5/11: Just playing Caves of Qud!

Friday 5/13: Doodle Zone/Art Request Stream!