Follower #1: Velox Comic Book PDF


51 pages, full-color download including chapter one of Follower and bonus short story, “The Setup.”


About Follower

Follower is a free to read long-running apocalyptic sci-fi webcomic created by Bug and Delade. It is a prequel webcomic to Messenger, but both stories are designed to be read individually. Described as “sci-fi action drama with hints of furry” by The Duck Webcomics, Follower is the story of an alternate present day leading to a dystopian reality told in fully colored, stylized comic artwork. If you enjoy the genetic experimentation conundrums of Jurassic Park, or twisting military storylines of Metal Gear Solid, you may enjoy Follower. Follower is intended for readers of teen and young adult fiction and up.

Before you can lead, you must learn to follow.

Deep in the desert, underneath sand and sun, a secret military project seeks to disrupt a brewing Second Civil War in the United States by creating the most efficient, combat capable group of soldiers the world has ever seen. A departure from autonomous drones, these hybrid warriors are grown and bred in a laboratory, carefully designed from the genes up— but results so far have been very unexpected: what happens when these genetically engineered chimeras can’t understand a single word?

Bonus Comic: The Setup

Told in 6 extra pages, The Setup is a bonus side story exclusive to the download version of Follower. Look in on Doctor Tolio in his lab, and witness a brief but important conversation between two major players in the story. Things are about to heat up at Cottontail Base.

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