Sketchblog: Pokemon Challenge – Regions

Pokemon 27-Day Challenge: Feb. 5th — Not to create “gen wars” but out of the 6 current regions, please rank your regions from most favorite to least favorite. Why is that region your #1?

If I had to pick just one, I think Johto is my favorite region. It had a really mysterious feel, and it really seemed like a place where adventures would happen! The concept of there being many countries within the Pokemon world seemed like a neat idea, and I was fascinated. I really liked all of the new things that came with the introduction of this region, and most of all, I loved the surprise of getting to travel to Kanto at the end of the game. 

My second favorite region is Unova. Black and White took a long time to grow on me, but I love the idea that the region was inspired by New York. I’m from there, so I feel like I have to like it at least a little! There was also a nice variety on the map and lots to do. 

Putting the rest in order:





…Orre? Are we going there??

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