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#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth: Starving Artist

Hi, my name is Bug and I have pretty severe anxiety! It makes life incredibly hard sometimes, and I am lucky to have supportive people in my life as well as medical professionals who have helped me learn to deal with it. It feels weird to talk about it in a public place like this, but lately I’ve been trying to capture some of the feelings related to it in art, and it seemed like the right time to share some of it.

It took me a long time to figure out that I had anxiety at all, and that what I was feeling all the time (like my brain was going to explode) wasn’t something that everyone felt all the time, normally. With time and help, I’ve learned to adapt to it and strategies to cope with it.

If you are experiencing overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety: talk to someone you trust, or a doctor, or a counselor. You absolutely do not have to live this way, and your life can be significantly better. You are worth it. There are ways to get help if you need it.

With that said, here is a comic I drew on one particularly bad night recently about the experience of having anxiety and being an artist.

This comic premiered first to members of the Chio Club a couple of months ago! You can get early access to comics like this (and help reduce my stress as an artist) by becoming a member!