Happy Holidays from Radio Chio!

Hey! Happy Holidays from us! We appreciate you sticking around and reading our work for another year. It means a lot, especially in a year like 2020.

For today only, you can download a copy of Follower issue 1 from our Gumroad shop for free! Use the code ‘merrychios’ to get it.

In case you missed it, we are taking a short holiday break from updates but Follower will be back starting in January! See you next year!

Follower page 6.32 is up!

The latest Follower page is up! Visit the main Follower site to catch up, or visit our Discord to chat with other readers! It’s the end of the chapter! Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed it! Chapter seven starts soon, so sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter for updates.

Support the creation of Follower chapter seven (and beyond!) by pledging to our Patreon!

Follower returns!

Follower will be returning from hiatus on October 28, 2020! It will resume its regular weekly update schedule on Wednesdays.

If you want to read the rest of the chapter right nowPatreon supporters at all pledge levels can read pages 25-32 in their entirety. For as little as $1, you can quell your suspense and find out what’s up in the camp before everyone else. (And help support the comic while you’re at it!)

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