To Boldly Go! A Star Trek 50th anniversary zine

To Boldly Go: A Star Trek 50th Anniversary Zine

I contributed an illustration to an upcoming zine titled To Boldly Go, a celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary! My piece is a big illustration of some of the many excellent women from Deep Space 9. DS9 is my favorite Trek series for a lot of reasons, so I decided to celebrate it with an illustration. The preview above is just a small sample of the final piece, which includes 17 individual characters!

The book is up for pre-orders from now through October 8th, with the option to buy just the book, or a bundle including some extra postcard prints and buttons.

While I was working, I also put together a bunch of video clips, so please enjoy about 10 hours of work condensed into about 16 minutes! Watch on Youtube »

If you love Star Trek, check out To Boldly Go and grab your own copy today!