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Eldora in the Fall Forest

From the first of this week’s streaming sessions, it’s Eldora and Icy in the Fall Forest! You can watch the stream archive to see it get made in real time. (About an hour and a half.)

I’ll be streaming again on Thursday, October 1, at 1:30 PM eastern time. Please stop by and say hello! You can subscribe to my Twitch channel for notifications when I go live:

This wallpaper is available right now to $2+ Patrons on our Patreon! If you sign up for the Chio Club Newsletter, you may receive it as a future bonus.

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August 2019 Wallpaper!

All summer long, our Patreon wallpapers have followed the tale of the Messenger and Follower cast on a cross-country roadtrip in their RV of questionable origin. The story comes to an abrupt conclusion with this month’s wallpaper! Join our Patreon for $2 or more and you can download this wallpaper and many others!


Happy Holidays from!

Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone! It’s that time of year, and we just wanted to wish all of our readers a wonderful holiday/winter season! Wherever you are, and whatever you do (or don’t) celebrate, we hope that you’re safe, well, and having a fun and relaxing time.

As a tiny gift to you, I’ve uploaded a holiday-themed wallpaper featuring Chios from Follower and Messenger! Thanks for reading our comics this year. We hope you’ll stick with us into 2016! This artwork was also included in a totally FREE book with pieces from over 40 webcomic artists, which you can download from Gumroad!

Ugly Sweater Wallpaper

Lastly, if you’re one of our Patreon backers, please log in and check our latest updates! We’ve posted a very special gift for you as well, but it’ll expire on the last day of the month, so be sure to hurry!

Thank you again for your readership and support, and have a wonderful and happy season!