Chio Chat 2: Chio Harder

Join Us For: Chio Chat!

It’s that time again! After a pretty successful first episode, and with the end of the third chapter of Follower close on the horizon, we’re once again accepting questions for our Q&A podcast, Chio Chat!

We can give the best answers about stuff related to making comics or stuff that happens in OUR comics, but you can ask anything you want! We’ll try to fit in as many questions as we can in a one-hour episode.

Listen to the first episode, or submit your questions here! We’ll be accepting questions until the end of February.

We’ll post another update when the episode is ready for listening!

Chio Chat News

Chio Chat Episode 1: Comics, Cats, Cartoons & Chios

Chio Chat Episode 1

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In this episode, we talk about how we make comics, we get interrupted by our cat, determine that Chios are actually Jawas, and make excuses for why we aren’t watching Gravity Falls!

We also mention (Follower has a TVTropes page you can help edit!)

We’ll be requesting new questions for our next episode sometime soon! Check back on our blog, or follow @Radio_Chio on Twitter!

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