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Follower just wrapped up Chapter Seven this week, and Chapter Eight will begin on February 9! In the meantime, early pages and work-in-progress will be available for Chio Club members.

There are also a couple of new rewards for joining the Chio Club! You can Create a Chio that will appear in Chapter Eight, or you can Ask a Chio Anything!

Join the Chio Club at the $5 (or more) level between January 23 and February 5 to get a guaranteed Ask a Chio Answer! What’s Ask a Chio? It’s an old blog where folks could ask questions of the Chio cast of Messenger and Follower, and sometimes they’d get answers. Right now, this is the only way to ask a Chio and get an answer!

When you join the Chio Club at the $50 ore more level, you’ll get your very own custom-designed Chio who will appear in Chapter Eight! The base price for a cameo Chio is $50 for a single-page appearance, but for $150 your character will appear on at least 3 pages with the possibility of a speaking part. (Speaking parts are limited.) These commissions will close near the end of February to ensure there is time to design the character and get them into the comic!

For more details and terms, check out the commissions page on our Ko-Fi!

When you become a Vloxen geneticist, you’ll also get special access to the Cottontail Base section of our Discord so you can discuss your upcoming cameo Chios in secret! You can also hang out in the regular parts of our Discord over here!

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