PIX 2017 Post-Con Report

We spent last weekend in Pittsburgh for our second round at PIX, the Pittsburgh Indy Comix Expo! How’d it go?

Not bad! This year’s convention was slightly different – a new venue and a new date. In the past, the con has typically been held on a Saturday at the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, but this year it was moved to Sunday at the August Wilson Center in downtown Pittsburgh. This was great, because the new location was directly across from the Toonseum, a museum of comic and cartoon art where much of the PIX-related programming was held. Additionally, Tekko was going on just around the corner, so some of the crowd drifted our way as well. I’m not from the area, so a lot of this was news to me, but generally it all seemed pretty beneficial to the artists set up at PIX. We also snagged a lot of street traffic, which was great because we got to talk up comics to people who weren’t necessarily seeking them out, and a lot of folks seemed pretty interested. Hopefully we made a few converts! One of my favorite parts of attending any convention is getting the opportunity to talk up our comics to people, so that was really exciting. I love it when someone asks what Follower is about, and you can see them suddenly get excited about it. It makes me feel really good about what we do!

One unexpected change with the new venue was a change to our table setup at the last second – we were unable to set up our usual banner with nowhere to put the stand, and wrapped it around the table front instead. I noticed this throughout the exhibitors’ hall, so at least we weren’t alone. I’m pretty happy with our setup in general, having done a handful of conventions now we’ve come to know what to expect and have something that works and for the most part looks pretty neat and organized.

Traffic throughout the day was pretty steady, except for a sudden rush around lunchtime. (I’m pretty sure this happened last year, too.) I didn’t have a chance to wander the exhibits until a lull late in the day, but I tried to grab as many cards as I could to make sure I could check everything out later! The show closed up promptly at 6 PM, and by that point we were totally exhausted and went on the hunt for dinner and sleep.

All things considered, we had a great weekend. I was initially concerned about the changes to the convention, but all around it seemed that the crowds were around the same size and enthusiasm level as last year. It was a long day for sure, but definitely a good one. We’re still undecided on whether to plan for PIX again next year, or try some different opportunities in the region, but who am I kidding? We love Pittsburgh and any excuse to visit the city is a good one, so odds are good we’ll be back in the future.

Thanks for being awesome, Pittsburgh! See you next year.

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