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To help efforts to aid Puerto Rico and its people after the devastation left by Hurricane Maria, Gumroad has decided to donate all profits from tomorrow’s sales (September 27, 2017) to UNICEF hurricane relief efforts. This includes comics purchased from our shop. Puerto Rico is an incredibly beautiful and special place, and we encourage you to pick up a new comic from us – or something cool from someone else – and help out in much needed relief efforts.

From Gumroad:
Helping out Puerto Rico - from Gumroad

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Follower page 5.11 is up

Follower 5.11

Follower page 5.11 is up. Please vote for Follower to help new readers find the comic!

You can now subscribe to Follower and Messenger updates via email. Existing shop newsletter subscribers can modify their profile to include comic updates.

There’s a new Messenger/Follower Discord you can join.

If you’d like early access to comic pages and other behind the scenes material, support us on Patreon!

To Boldly Go! A Star Trek 50th anniversary zine

To Boldly Go: A Star Trek 50th Anniversary Zine

I contributed an illustration to an upcoming zine titled To Boldly Go, a celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary! My piece is a big illustration of some of the many excellent women from Deep Space 9. DS9 is my favorite Trek series for a lot of reasons, so I decided to celebrate it with an illustration. The preview above is just a small sample of the final piece, which includes 17 individual characters!

The book is up for pre-orders from now through October 8th, with the option to buy just the book, or a bundle including some extra postcard prints and buttons.

While I was working, I also put together a bunch of video clips, so please enjoy about 10 hours of work condensed into about 16 minutes! Watch on Youtube »

If you love Star Trek, check out To Boldly Go and grab your own copy today!

Stardust + Candy Pre-Orders Open!

Stardust + Candy Pre-Orders Open

Hey there! It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update, because we’ve been hard at work on several projects! The first of these (that we can talk about) is a mini-comic created for Stardust + Candy, a Pokemon-Go Inspired Fanzine!

Our contribution is a short comic by Bug, telling a real-life story about her quest to find a Pikachu in the first few days of Pokemon Go, with some slight uh, augments to reality. (Pokemon Go is an ARG, after all!)

I don't think I'll ever find a Pikachu.

Stardust + Candy includes work by approximately 30 artists, and proceeds will benefit animal rescue and adoption through PetSmart Charities. The book is available for pre-order from August 3 through 17! If you love Pokemon Go, please give it a look!

Pre-Order Stardust + Candy ($15; free US shipping) ยป