A-May-zing! (What we did last month.)

Bad puns aside, I’m beginning to think we never have an “ordinary” Radio Chio month; there’s always something going on. This month we had a bunch of unusual events lined up and it kept us pretty busy!

Bug and Delade set up for the day at Pulp 716!
Bug and Delade set up for the day at Pulp 716!

On the 14th, we were guests for a day at Pulp 716, one of our favorite local comics shops! Pulp 716 is unique in that they don’t just sell comics, they also have an awesome coffee bar and serve coffee, cocoa, and bubble tea! When the opportunity came up to hang out for the day and share some of our books and art, we jumped on it.

We arrived at noon and set up a little table in the corner of the shop, and that’s where we spent the day! It was a pretty busy Saturday, and we had the opportunity to talk to a ton of (hopefully!) new readers. We brought along some shiny new Radio Chio bookmarks to give away, and the highlight of my day was giving one to a kid who then informed me that he’s really “good at books.”

Look, it's us!
Look, it’s us!

Thanks for having us in, Pulp 716! It was a blast!

The next day, we had to make a trip into downtown Buffalo for the opening of the comic art show at Main Street Gallery! Back in late March, I was invited to join in on a show featuring comic art by local cartoonists. I had big prints made of a bunch of comic pages – including some from Follower, Messenger, Home in my Pocket, and others.

There were a ton of really great local artists at the meet and greet, and we met some wonderful people, including members of the Visions Comic Art group! Hopefully we’ll have the chance to hang out with them again.

We headed back to the gallery the following weekend for the closing day, which also featured a comic art market! The gallery turned into a mini comic-con for the day, and we had the opportunity to chat with lots of new readers.

Opening Meet & Greet
The show opened up with an artist Meet & Greet, and the turnout was great!
Art vs Artist
Is it weird to take photos of yourself with your art? I don’t know the answer to that, but here I am anyway!
A selection of our comics up on the wall
The work we hung included some of the latest pages from Follower and Messenger, as well as Home in My Pocket and cat comics!


Showing off our work at the gallery was a completely new, but completely great experience, and I hope we’ll be able to do it again in the future. It’s really neat to see comics up on a wall instead of on a screen or in a book!


We’re still working out the rest of our summer schedule, so stay tuned for more information! Is there a convention or event you’d like to see us at? Leave a comment, or use our contact form and let us know!

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